Monday, March 1, 2010

Week of the Big Blue Sea

Last week was a good week. We had so much planned that our lessons actually spilled into this week as well. We finished up our Ocean theme today.

We did a little kids yoga. Tommy loved it and Charlie enjoyed it as long as he could do the positions like the lady on the show was doing them. If he couldn't then he melted. He actually got sent to his room for an attitude adjustment during this portion of our day. Being banished to him, with a talking to afterward, seems to be helping curve the whining that we have been experiencing.

Charlie's triangle fish. He drew a pirate ship that had sunk to the bottom as well as a diver.

Tommy and Charlie made octopus. They really enjoyed painting these and using circle sticker as the suction cups underneath their legs. We had fun pretending to stick on one another like an octopus might stick to something.

We did a few float and sink experiments. We made a boat out of playdough and put it in the water. It didn't sink. Then we made the clay into a ball and observed that it sunk in that form.

We also saw that an egg will sink in regular water. However, it will float when you add salt to the water.

Neither Tommy or Charlie cared for the salt water....can't blame them!

Tommy "painted" the fort...with water. This was a HUGE hit for all the kids!

Charlie drew many seascapes and then had his whale, sharks and dolphins swim around.

I made a fun snack from graham crackers, goldfish, crushed vanilla waffers for sand and green M&Ms for seaweed.

We filled clear bottles with water and baby oil, put in some glitter, sea shells and a small plastic toy dolphin. It is fun to shake them up and or make waves. They all LOVED this and I only wish I knew how to keep the tops from coming off so they could play with them more.

Charlie did some pattern work with circle stickers. I made a few patterns and then he had to put the same stickers down. He is really into patterns recently.

Tommy worked on colors and shapes.

Putting straws into a small opening. This was a big hit too!

Another favorite is our dig dig box. I had small toys, letters etc and he finds them. Then has free play. Love the new construction site vest!!

Charlie worked on his word puzzle cards and put the correct letter on the card to spell the word. We are still working on sounding out words.

Impromptu tea party

Indoor excercise

Charlie having some water play time in the kitchen sink.

Shell matching game

Charlie learning to use a ruler. He really likes to use the ruler to make his lines really straight now.

Free paint.

Charlie making his Octopus word folder while Tommy does some writing.

We read some books about the ocean and found some cool kids magazines at the library about ocean life and dolphins.

Tommy started workboxes this week. He has 3 and can do them if he shows interest since he is always wanting to do school with Charlie. My only requirement is that he finishes the box if he starts it and puts it away.

We are all really enjoying using our version of the workboxes. I have them numbered and Charlie knows that when he finishes one then he is to put everything back into it, put it back on the shelf and then get his next box. It is also helpful for me because it keeps everything organized and I am not having to store or find items for projects or different subjects. Sometimes I will also let Charlie pick which box he would like to do. I do this to make it different, a little more fun for the morning and so that he can have more control in the process.

As far as subjects that we are studying go, Charlie has been telling me different topics that he would like to learn more about and I plan accordingly. I have been having a hard time find books at the library to go with our themes. We typically go to a small brach close to our house and I think that is the problem. This weekend I went to Beachwood library (same library Dad use to take us to on Wednesday nights) and I fell in love with that library all over again!! People were staring at me and my mountain of books I was checking out!!

School year is going great. We are falling into a routine and I am in the process of picking Charlie's new curriculum for Kindergarten.