Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Germs Day 2

Today was a good day. Charlie was again eager to do all the activities, improved with his writing, was not frustrated at all during copy work...neither was I! I had to be quick on my feet though...if only Tommy did not have the attention span of a 2 year old! :) I definitely need to find and have on hand some more fun and quiet activities for Tommy to do while Charlie is doing learning time! But I improvised and all was well!

Books to read:
Common Colds By Alvin Silverstein
Achoo! By Patricia Brennan Demuth

Group Learning Time:

Lacing Beads and peg board blocks(I don't know the name of them, but they are blocks in different shapes and colors that click together and on a peg board. There are a lot of different activities you can do with them)

Then we read some books on germs and getting sick. We looked at pictures of viruses and learned about how they spread. We used green glitter and a little hand lotion, to make the glitter really stick to our hands and pretended that the glitter was germs. We then ran around the house picking up toys and cups and watched how we left behind "germs" on the items. Charlie thought this activity was really did I! Tommy wanted to wash his!
Germs on our hands
Then we did a hand washing demonstration on how to wash our hands. Tommy will do anything to get the chance to play in water. So while he washed the dishes, Charlie and I did some individual learning time.

Individual learning time,Copy work:

Charlie wanted to do the word "Sick" again and he did really good. He also decided to trace his hand and put some "germs" on the drawing, just like the activity that we did.

I certainly have a "plan" for the material that I want to cover. However, I am finding that both the boys and I are really enjoying the fact that they can also make some of the choices of what we do during our learning times.

The end of the day left us with the Sneeze project! How fun is this!! We used a spray bottle filled with water and blue food coloring and showed the boys what happens when we sneeze into a tissue. They LOVED it!! We only had one spray bottle so they had to take turns which was hard for them since they were so excited. I thought about getting another bottle, but did not. It was a great lesson in being patient, kind with our words, taking turns and sharing.

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