Friday, September 25, 2009

First week of school...check!

Today was our play date/field trip day. We played with friends in the morning and after naps did a little bit of school to end our week on germs/health.

More books that I had ordered from the library came in last night just in the nick of time. So, we spent a good portion of the afternoon reading the books and playing with our borrowed Doctor kit. The kids had fun putting band aids on Lovey and our other stuffed friends. We also talked about going to the Dentist and the importance of brushing our teeth.

Charlie also did some copy work and handwriting practice.

Books to read:
Everyday Science: Health by Riley
Meet the People in Your Neighborhood! Doctors! Elmo's World
Wash Your Hands by Tony Ross
My Health: Sleep By Dr. Alvin Silverstein

This week went really well. I think that Charlie liked doing his projects, writing and drawing pictures and reading all the different books. We spent a lot of time together, working with one another, talking, coming up with ideas. I loved it!

There were some things about this week that did surprise me. I went into this adventure thinking that I would be the kind of home schooler that was very scheduled, down to the minute of what we were going to do and on what day we would do them. However, and I realize I am only one week into it, but I think I am leaning more towards having a general idea of what I want to cover within a day, have projects ready to go, and then having a flexible plan of when things get done. Today was a perfect example. I had planned to finish our lesson in the morning but then got an invitation for a play date in the AM. So we went to play with our friends and then finished the lesson in the afternoon. No biggie.

I also think that I need to ease up on the pressure that I have been placing on myself regarding the content of the curriculum. Charlie is only 4 for goodness sakes! He does not need to be writing hypothesis and reading novels. I think for this year my main focus is going to be on Bible teaching, character building, lots of reading and some math. I like doing the unit studies as it keeps things organized and fun for the kids. This is all a great learning process!!

A lot of my ideas for this weeks unit was from Jennifer over at She is a creative gal...thank you!!

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