Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall/Nature Weeks 2 &3

Some of our curriculum books came in the mail over the weekend!!! At lunch today Charlie asked to do "learning time"!! What a change from last year when every morning he would fuss and say that he did not want to go to school. I am SO glad that he is enjoying school at home and is excited to learn!!
Math and Phonics:
This week we started on our Kumon Math book and our Explode the Code phonics book.
The boys painting with cattails
We also painted with moss, walnuts, cattails, rolled/painted with acorns, leaves and other nature items to add to our Nature Book. Today at church Charlie found a large acorn on the ground. He immediately picked it up and said "Hey Mom, we can put this acorn in our Nature Book!!". I love it when they get excited about what we are doing!

Letter of the Week:

L for leaves, I printed out Maple and Oak tree leaves (the kind of trees that are in our backyard) colored them and then glued them onto our L
Trees in our backyard: we went on a leaf hunt in our backyard, gathered leaves and identified them in our tree book that we are making. We also put leaf pages in our Nature Book. You can't do a study on leaves without doing leaf rubbings
Charlie doing leaf rubbings

Tommy Time:

I buried foam letters in a sensory rice bin and had Tommy dig the letters out and practiced the letters T, C, L, S and the number 2.
We also did playdough and our new emotions bear puzzle!

The last two weeks were a bit difficult for us. Between having a migraine for an entire week and then refinishing our hardwood floors, we were off schedule and out of sorts....let alone displaced from our home for a few days! But I am amazed to see that we did complete a lot of our planned curriculum and despite the grouchy momma and stinky/dusty/disheveled house, we managed to have some fun too!
All the kiddos having school!

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  1. Just stopping by. I love all of your activities in this post. I read your profile as well, and it is very touching!

    LOVE your week of learning and fun!