Sunday, October 11, 2009

Unit Study: All things Fall (Leaves and Apples)

Books to read:
Picture Guide to Tree Leaves By Raymond Wiggers
Fletcher and the Falling Leaves By Julia Rawlinson
Apples and Pumpkins By Anne Rockwell
The Apple Pie Tree By Zoe Hall
A Tree For All Season by Robin Bernard (National Geographic, Maple Tree)
Apples By Gail Gibbons

Field trip:
*apple orchard
*nature walk

I extended this unit study of Fall to cover a few weeks instead of the one week that I had originally planned on. There was just too many things we wanted to cover and the weather was not as cooperative as I had hoped.

Last week we had a pretty relaxing, wet yet fun week! It was rainy and soggy outside and so we hunkered down and played and did some school work. We had friends over, we made bread, we read books, we colored and practiced our writing and we had fun doing a few Fall activities.

Then over the weekend we went on a great nature walk and picked up all kinds of objects to use for projects.

Charlie looking at all our nature loot

We made apple prints
Made a nature book

Counted acorns in a muffin tin
Made our calendar

Writting/Copy work:
Worked on letters

Did a few worksheets (Charlie LOVES worksheets)Align Center


Two Little Apples
Way up high in the apple tree
2 red apples winked at me
I shook that tree as hard as I could
Down came the apples
Mmmmmm......they were good

Creative play:
We used the felt board that I made to play out the poem.
Charlie liked making the leaves fall off the tree as well.

Tommy time:

Used block stacker to separate shapes by color
We played our new color matching game that I made.

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