Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to School! Dinosaur / letter D

We had a great break in December from our normal curriculum but it is also refreshing to get back to our routine!

This week was Dinosaur and letter D week.

Charlie worked on his Code books

He cut out shapes to make dinosaurs

The boys made fossils and LOVED this activity!

We did a few worksheets about Dinosaurs and the letter D. Charlie worked on cutting, letter writing, coloring, matching skills and recognizing other words that begin with the letter D.
We used playdough to make numbers and count

I took out some plastic dinosaurs from the library and we did a lot of pretend play with them. Charlie even made trees out of Legos for the dinosaurs to eat. We learned about a lot of different dinosaurs and different characteristics about them. I had found a fun sticker book at the dollar bins at a store and Charlie loved matching the stickers with the correct dino!
Charlie is really into make maps. He made a map of a city that had a Zoo and a Museum where the Dinosaur fossils live. Here is a picture of his Dino at the Museum
The pen is pointing to the head of the dino, the legs stradle the musuem. so cute!
We are really enjoying make charts lately. We did a Float or Sink chart and both the boys loved seeing what objects floated and which ones did not. We talked about the similarities between objects that floated, what they were made of etc, and the ones that sunk to the bottom. We even tried to make the yellow cylinder sink by putting other small objects into it to. This was great fun for us all!

Charlie has also been doing a lot of writing. Here is making his buddy Connor a bday card.
And all the kids made D for dinosaurs. It is so cute to see how each one is different.


  1. How nice! My kids love dinosaurs - we will be working on dinosaurs soon, we have a dinosaur fossil dig at our museum tomorrow - we are excited! Anyways, what a nice job! I love the creativity! :)

  2. Oh what fun! I love the fossil idea. Selena loves dinosaurs, but we couldn't find any at Christmas, bummer. I will have to look again, I so much want to do a dinosaur theme with her.

  3. Love your "D" ideas. My boys LOVE dinosaurs and I know that they would love the fossil idea.

  4. I love the creativity in your learning. The Lego dinosaur tree and the dinosaur museum map are really awesome and unique.