Monday, January 18, 2010

Week of the Cat/ Letter C

Charlie worked on matching lower and upper case letters together and then putting them in alphabetical order. (matching game from

Both boys worked on lacing. Charlie decided that he wanted to make a number necklace and he arranged the 1-10 number beads on his lace.

We pulled out a new number puzzle like one I had growing up. It was easy in the fact that Charlie knows his colors and so quickly put the correct pieces together. Difficult in the fact that he is still working on his numbers and does not know some of them from sight. We have been working on the 20's and introducing 30's to him in the last 2 weeks.

We did a connect the dot ABCs, cat style.

Charlie worked on his word card puzzle. He actually sounded out the words and read Cat, fox and. (

We started our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree today with our letter C. Both boys enjoyed this.

We watched Chicka Boom on youtube and had fun dancing and singing to the song.

Letter C for Caterpillar

Tracing and writing his cute!

We made some of these yummies
frozen bananas covered in chocolate with pecans, coconut and sprinkles
Charlie also worked on some large dice math
He rolled the dice put the number of dice #1 in the first box etc and then added the 2 together. He can now read an equation, 5+3=8 etc. He counted up to 50 this week with his Kumon books. He is mixing up 13 and 14 less and learning to count by 10s. Numbers are still the one area that I know he could use more work in, but I am proceeding as he seems interested and willing at this point.

Charlie colored a cat face that turned into a little pocket and held C words, cowboy, corn etc. He had fun coloring all the little word tiles and would show each of them to me when he was done. It is hard to see in the picture, but little white kitty is sitting next to the crayons watching cute!

Charlie is also taking great delight, both boys are really, in feeding and caring for our new dog, Bo.

This was a short week for us, only 2 days of school. But we squeezed a lot in and had a lot of fun!


  1. nice job - the chocolate banana's look yummy! :)

  2. I love the C is for caterpillar craft. Very cute.

  3. The C is for caterpillar is so cute! Love the picture of your son staring into the dog bowl too!

  4. That number puzzle looks so cool!

    I also love that caterpillar letter "C".

    You guys had such a FUN week!!

  5. Wow - you had a lot of done for 2 days of school. It sounds like Charlie loves math - what a great start on his learning journey.

  6. You did a lot for just 2 days! :) Where did you get the word puzzle?