Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter week / I is for ice

I is for ice (
We added our i to our letter tree and watched Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on youtube again. So fun! I also am using our fridge Leapfrog ABCs when we do our letter of the week. I play the song for each letter a few times as we are doing our craft and also sing the ABC song several times.

We made salt dough snowman (thanks Susana for the idea!!)

Charlie had fun mixing the ingredients which was nice since he has not had a lot of interest in baking lately ;(

We also did a fun experiment with ice, salt and food coloring. (thanks again Susana!) Which led to melting ice chunks at bath time.

Charlie continues to practice his hand writing. This week we made our Thank You cards for his birthday presents.

Each day he traces the letters of the day of the week and we sing a fun alphabet song. We also alternate days using his Kumon and Explode the Code books. We are quickly losing interest in the Kumon book though, which is the math book. I am going to check out another math curriculum and see how that works. He LOVES the Code books though and I need to order the next one soon!!

He also did a few different worksheets throughout the week. He did a dot to dot number sheet and a dot to dot alphabet sheet

Charlie did a Snowman math game. ( He laid out the Snowman cards in numerical order then placed the correct number of snowflakes on each number card. He had a great time doing this and I might make some similar cards that are higher numbers, maybe in the 20's and 30s

We made melting snowmen out of candy melts, and varies other types of candy. The kids REALLY liked this and kept saying "thanks mama, this is yummy!". I think they did a great job making their snowmen.

We found a fun snowman sheet on a website, can't remember which one. Charlie had fun coloring the different hats, scarves and snowman. Then I cut out most of the pieces and had Charlie cut out two of the hats. We are still working on cutting and I think he is finally seeing that using the correct finger placement is actually easier then using 2 hands to try and cut :)

And last but certainly NOT least, we worked on chores. They boys don't have specific chores that they must do each day but they expected to do the chores that are asked of them. Cleaning up after dinner, putting plates in the sink, washing the chairs and table, feeding the dog, putting laundry away etc.

And of course we just had to play farmer kitty taking a ride on his new John Deere tractor filled with his harvest! Love it!


  1. You had a great week! I love the picture of your son using the scissors. Have you ever noticed most kids learning to cut always have their mouths open? I think that is so cute!

  2. You are very welcome for the ideas:-)!! His snowman is ADORABLE!!

    I need to have Joe work on scissor skills badly--he doesn't enjoy it.

    You do so many fun things each week. I really enjoy reading this blog and your family blog.