Wednesday, February 3, 2010

S is for SNOW / Winter/ Arctic week 2

We painted with different sponge shapes, including our "snow" packaging noodles!

The boys made an igloo out of packaging noodles, q-tips (icicles per Charlie), and cotton balls.

Charlie found some dice in the dollar bin at Target and wanted to buy them for his math bin. He loves this!

Cutting and taping penguins together so that they can keep warm in the cold Arctic air.

Penguin writing sheet.

Polar Bear maze.

Making a Popsicle snowflake.

Dressing up in winter gear and doing our daily exercise (laps around the house).

S is for snow.

Charlie had to follow the directions to make his own Penguin, very cute!

Mommy and Charlie doing the blubber experiment. This was so neat (Thanks Susana for the idea!) and Charlie really understood the concept.

Worked on more thank you cards. One of the pictures that Charlie drew on the card.

It was to cold to play outside so we brought the snow inside and had lots of fun!

We also did our weekly assignments in Explode the Code and Kumon. This is the last week we will be using Kumon as Charlie really dislikes it and is becoming resistant to doing his math book workbox. So, next week we will only focus on FUN math games and worksheets to revamp his enthusiasim with Math!

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