Wednesday, February 10, 2010

H is for HEART / Valentines Day Preparation / Catch Up week

The Pieces of My Heart
(this is my favorite piece of Vday art that Charlie has made. He cut strips of paper, glued them down, and then wrote the people & things that he loves)

This week we are preparing for Valentines Day. We are doing lots of crafting and baking along with our normal routine. There are also some projects and fun activities that I had planned for the kids to do over the last few weeks and just never got the chance to do them. I am beginning to realize that we are not married to the theme of the week! So here is to a hopefully fun week of school!

Charlie making a color pattern with his letters. I was washing dishes and happened to glance over to see him doing this. I love catching him doing his own stuff!

Spelling words on the dry erase board with our magnetic letters. He is starting to get the hang of sounding out words.

Playing a fun math game. He had to count the candy hearts and then put the clothes pin on the correct number at the bottom of the page. (Homeschoolcreations ?)

Matching the Capital (Mommy) letters with their Lowercase (baby) letters. He thought this was BORING until I started to pretend that they were Mommys and Babies. Then he was ALL about it! "Oh Mama zebra, your baby zebra is lost" stinkin cute!

H is for heart.

I made some read heart pretzels for the kids after nap snack. Charlie asked me to make pretzels yesterday and I thought it would be fun to make them fit our Valentines Day theme. They were pretty good, especially with melted cheese...yum!

The boys and I also made some candy cane heart lollies. The boys will take them to their "teachers" at church. We LOVE our Mastering Motherhood teachers (a group that I to each week at church). They take such good care of the boys and the boys just love spending time with them!! This is also a GREAT way to use up those leftover candy canes from making our Christmas bark! (Ucreate)

We had some friends over to decorate Valentines Day cookies and exchange cards.
Charlie's card for Nana (Green is Bot from Umizoomi)

We painted with a cool painting kit that Grandma Candace gave Tommy for Christmas
And we made "creations" out of toothpicks and marshmallows. Have you ever seen a marshmallow that big!!!?

Charlie did a great job adding the "feet" to his creation. He kept adding them until it could stand all by itself.

Tommy had fun too!

And we couldn't help but enjoy ALL of this snow!
Sleding with Daddy. Mommy was out of commission on the 3rd time down the hill and for 2 days AFTER!!. I am NOT 15 anymore and neither is my body ;(

(Pieces of My Heart Craft idea was from, I tweaked her idea and had the kids write who/what they love on each piece of paper.)


  1. I love the pretzels! They look Yummy!

  2. Any parent who starts working with their child BEFORE they enter the school system is a hero in my world.

    By the way, I teach 5th grade.