Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tommy School time

Little brother has been wanting to do "school" too! Next week he just might have his own workboxes, filled with fun stuff of course!

Tommy practiced writing his Ts, drawing lines and circles. He was SO proud of his work!

We painted with sponges which lead to finger painting. Tommy was rubbing the paint around and singing a song while staring off into space. It was so therapeutic and relaxing....he is so silly!

We practiced colors with our duckie game.

Brothers playing with the fishing puzzle game.

Not really playing the Dora alphabet game, but looking at the different letters and pictures.

Very intensely concentrating on adding glitter glue to his snowflake project.

S is for Snow!

He asked again to cut...he LOVEs to do this and I love that he asks to do it!

Playing with his tool puzzle. This was a great Christmas present and provides hours of imaginative play and fine motor skills!

Hiding Dinosaurs in the snow and then digging them out.

All of Tommy's "school" time is just unstructured play at this point. During our play we do focus on our colors, the alphabet, counting, and simple drawings. He is always welcomed and encouraged to participate in craft projects or science projects that Charlie is doing for school. Sometimes he wants to do them, sometimes he does not.

He is really starting to show an interest in a lot of what Charlie is doing and wants to sit at the school table with Charlie and "do" school. I am going to set up just a few workboxes for him so that if he wants to sit and do school then he will have a few quiet things for him to work on.

When Charlie is doing school, Tommy is usually playing close by or working on the project with us. However, I am not comfortable with the amount of time that he is independently playing and will start to set aside more time for fun activities geared towards him.

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