Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random sickie week

A short week, tummy bug, pink eye and two days of doctors appointments. But we still managed to squeeze in some fun activities.

We made a color wheel from cookies and mixed our primary colors together to make other colors. Both boys really loved doing this and not just because they were having fun with cookies and icing!
I had Tommy just put the red, yellow and blue icing on his cookies as I knew he would be off and running in about 5.2 seconds. I was right :)
Charlie had so much fun making his on colors. He decided to mix them all together and then asked me to take a picture of his masterpiece
We also made a graph with M&Ms. Of course Charlie thought this was fun and even did some simple addition and subtraction problems with the candy.

I had Tommy sort the M&Ms by color. He did great!

We borrowed another cool toy from the toy lending library at our local library. It is a magnetic game and you a special pen to move the magnets to make pictures.
Charlie made a train of course, among other things. He also had fun making different patterns, he is very into patterns these days.

Tommy sorted the colors all on his own.

We also made Valentines bracelets.

Tommy got easily frustrated but managed to put a half a dozen beads on. This was difficult though since the string was SO thin. He did a great job!

Tommy also practiced drawing with a pen on the dry erase board. He colored each object and counted them as he did so

We had some great play time fun with Daddy and the new fort that we just got. Gotta love a man that can dumpster dive!! The fort was getting thrown out from a business that rented space where he works, but it wasn't in the dumpster...just along side of it! Regardless, it is awesome and the kids love playing "jail" and making it into a school room!

And a week would not be complete without some cutting practice. He can't get enough of it!

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