Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Charlie's Natural History Museum Classes (Monkey & Spiders)

I thought it would be fun to sign Charlie up for some classes at the Natural History Museum to do with Daddy, once a month on Saturdays. Not only do they offer some supplemental hours for his K12 school, but most importantly they give Daddy and Charlie to spend the morning together, just the two of them.

Charlie's first class was in September and they studied Monkeys. They made a monkey mask, looked for Monkey's through out the museum, learned about different kinds of monkeys like the spider monkey and had different monkey themed activity centers set up around the Discovery Room.

Last weekend Charlie and Daddy went to his October class that was on spiders. hey learned different facts about spiders, listened spider stories, had themed spider activities, looked at a real spider and made a fun spider and water spout craft

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