Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homeschooling: Kindergarten

We had another great week. We are all definitely learning as we each day passes what works best for us but it really seems that we are all enjoying our school adventure thus far.

Charlie is breezing through most of his lessons so I am adding supplemental material to keep him interested and to provide him with an optimal learning environment. I am grateful to have the direction that K12 offers and have already found ways to supplement those areas that are not up to my standards. I don't think there will every be "one" curriculum that will have ALL the components of learning that I am satisfied with ;)

We also added in the RRSP curriculum for Tommy this week and both boys will participate in that as well. It was a nice break from the academics portion of our day to do some craft projects and add the Biblical part of our school day. Next week I hope to incorporate our Raising Rock Stars weekly Bible lessons, which is something we will do as a family. So far, starting one boy and his specific curriculum at a time is working well. I feel pretty good about Charlie's work and how our daily schedule works with him, and now I am easing in to doing both boys schooling at one far so good.

Besides doing his school work, Charlie had a alot of fun building different vehicles with his Legos, mining in the dirt in the backyard, used Daddy's drill to put a new hitch on the back of the firetruck finding grasshoppers and ants,
planting beans to go with Jack and the Bean Stock he read for LA, making a birthday card for our neighbor, playing with friends, using pencils/twigs and tape to add to his trucks to make them "cooler"

and being a good helper while Mommy was at her 10,000 doctor's appointment for the week.

I love having our boys here everyday, learning with them and teaching them. They are excited to do school each day and we are really looking forward to the start of our D6 Homeschooling Co-op at the end of the month!

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