Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spooktacular Halloween 2010

We usually have a Halloween party each year but this year because of everything going on we opted more for a Halloween "playdate" with 3 of our friends instead. The season of slow, remember :)

Charlie was very involved in the "planning". He wanted things SCARY and creepy. Gone are the "cutesy" Halloweens for this boy...I think. So skeletons and graveyards are now part of our decor.

He wanted a pumpkin hunt but settled for "skeleton bone" hunt (dog bones)
and Daddy threw together a scary graveyard. The graveyard had a walkway (boards for the kids to balance on) and they had to try and walk through the graveyard without falling into the graves. Tommy LOVED this and did it over and over again.

We kept it simple and let the kids play, ate Halloween donuts from Pattersons, apple cider and ghost covered lollies as a going home treat (per Charlie's request). We opted not to wear costumes but scary Halloween shirts.

Charlie and Tommy had a great time with a few of their friends. It was a nice afternoon and reminded me that it doesn't take much to make things special for little ones. I am so happy that Charlie had a part in planning everything, he was really proud of himself. The only thing he complained about was that none of his friends wanted to play chase the skeleton, they all thought it was too scary :) Our boy is growing up!

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