Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Planting Beans

One of our supplemental projects last week was planting beans. Charlie did a lesson on Jack and the Bean stock last week and we decided to plant beans to go with it. We placed Kidney Beans in mason jars and then put a napkin in it to act as the dirt. Tommy dumped a whole fist full of beans in his jar and Charlie only put 2-3 beans in his. We drip water on the napkin 1-2 times a day and after about 3 days the beans started to sprout.

The boys enjoy looking at the beans each day to see how they have changed. Charlie wants to plant the beans in the backyard to see if they will grow into a large bean stock like in the story.

After we planted them Charlie wanted to dissect the rest of the beans. He cut them open and looked at how they were formed.

We will see if we can keep them going over the winter and then plant them in the backyard in Spring.

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