Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Charlie

Our independent, outgoing brainchild who loves to laugh, cuddle up with his lovey and kitty, who will offer you a bite of his donut because he is generous like that.  Who thinks that anything about bottoms and stinky feet is hilarious. Who is obsessed with trains and LEGOS and prefers the color orange over any other.  Who adores his little sister and is partners in crime with his little brother.  Who stole our hearts and made us parents.  Who continues to amaze us each and every day at his vivid imagination and inventive skills.  Who can ride his bike (with training wheels), is learning to swim and can read.  Yes, that boy is turning 6 today.

Can you believe it?  We barely can!

Happy Birthday dearest Charlie.  May you always know that we love you completely and may you always feel God's love and grace!

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