Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homeschool: Preschool Letter L

Tommy had a good week of preschool. He is just starting to build with little Legos and loves to make things with Charlie.

He worked on his foam ABC puzzle, hammering in the letters.

This is only the 2nd time that he has done the 1:1 cards and I was really impressed with how well he did this time.

He helped empty the dryer. He LOVES to clean and do laundry :)

Charlie helped him work on a new "to him" puzzle. Team work and helping little brother at its best!

Working on the Letter H glue and cut project. Not one of our best moments of school, but he finished it and moved on to his ABC's as he calls them ( and was a happy camper again.

Tommy asks to do ABC's And he would literally do it for a whole afternoon if I let him, which I don't. I limit it to about 20-30 minutes. But I am really impressed with how quickly he has mastered the basic computer skills on both the laptop and the PC. Here he was matching the shapes and spelling words. He doesn't "know" how to spell the words but is learning the letters and their sounds etc.

Playdough Mat, finishing up letter L

L is for Lion

This is the book that we are using for RRSP. I love this book and how it applies scripture verses to every day scenarios in a manner that little kids can easily grasp.

5 Senses Experiments with Charlie


Taste...too funny!

T-ball with Daddy....he is going to be a great athlete someday!

Painting his papermache pumpkin

Working together with Charlie to make the color orange

I had him mix red and yellow paint in a ziploc bag to make orange. He really liked doing this, squishing it with his hands and seeing the colors mix.

We also spent a good deal of time outside this week. I am taking full advantage of the mild, yet wet weather we are having, even if it means we do less school. I know that in a few short weeks the weather will change and we will be able to spend less time out for long periods of time. Here Tommy is making "hot cocoa" out of mud and water...yum!

Tommy is really doing great with his school. He is quickly learning to recognize all the letters of the alphabet, can sing the entire ABC song, can count to 20 and we are working number recognition as well. We are focusing primarily on ABCs and numbers right now. Reading lots of books and just having fun. He is so eager to learn and be like his big brother Charlie!

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