Wednesday, January 19, 2011

RRSP: Letter T Week 1 and our "schedule"

We started Tommy's Preschool curriculum this week, Raising Rock Stars Preschool. Again, I was not nearly as prepared as I thought that I was, but I was happy to go with the flow. We are not following the curriculum to a tee, but changing things up to fit with Tommy's needs and my desires for his learning.

We typically start school doing circle time. We do the calendar, color of the day, the weather, our Good Morning song, and our Nameo spelling song and we color in the day of school that we are working on. These are our daily boards (picture to come), I got most of the ideas from 1+1+1=1 there are a few things on our boards that we don't do now, but will as the boys get a bit older.

After circle time we move to the school table and I get Charlie started on his math while Tommy completes the rest of his RRSP lesson and workboxes. Once Charlie is done with math I let Tommy play with whatever is in his open ended workboxes and move Charlie on to another subject, usually Phonics. Typically, Charlie and I do Language Arts either during nap time or before bed and we all do Science together.

The Bible verse for this week is "Thou shall not steal" Exodus 20-15
Both boys were able to grasp the concept of this verse as well as memorize it.
The Letter of the week is T and the color is green. Whenever the boys see the color of they week they are to call out..."the color of the week" and tell us what the item is.

Tommy practiced writing the letter T, he also wanted to write Dad...too cute.

He strung green beads onto a pipe cleaner and then wanted to make a bracelet, which he wore for most of the day.

He cut out different pictures that start with the letter T and glued them onto his letter T page.

Our crafty ABC was none other then a train for the letter T.

Tommy also LOVES and asks to do it everyday. It is a fun, educational website that teaches him letters, sounds, basic phonics etc.

A bin in his open ended workbox contained a Fall themed sensory bin. I bought small gourds, cloth leaves and jeweled pumpkins from the Dollar Store. I placed tongs, several measuring cups, serving spoons and his stacking cubes for him to play with. He scoped, poured, separated, and grouped the items for a good 45minutes.

For our "fun" we had a Tea party with lemon tea, hot cider and brownie bites.

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