Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homeschool: Kindergarten week 5

Charlie making a kite out of a leaf, string and a stick. We love his creativity!

We are back into the swing of things, finally!

Charlie worked on his basic subjects, Math, Phonics, and LA. We also did a few science lessons, supplemental hours in Health a handful of fun projects.

Spelling words with Boggle Jr.

Making mazes with marker tops

Crafty ABC: L is for Lion

Charlie is reading!! I am so proud! He has read his level 1 Phonics book to me almost every night for the last week. It has basic CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words in them like, Sam, Pam, mat, bat etc. They also contain a handful of sight words that he is easily memorizing. Did I say I was really proud of him???? :) This week we will move on to the next book of the series. I plan to keep it slow going and FUN!!! I also want to pick up some phonics/reading games and books at the library on subjects that he is interested in.

We finished our paper mache pumpkins. We all just loved this project!

I took plastic grocery bags and made a bunch into a ball. Then I took yarn and tied it around the bags to make the sections of the pumpkin. Afterward, the kids took toilet paper and dipped it into a mixture of Elmer's glue and water to make a papermache. They layered the toilet paper on the pumpkin until the entire surface area was covered. It took about 2 full days for the pumpkins to dry and then the kids painted their pumpkins.

Before we painted them though we did a lesson on mixing paint. We didn't have any orange paint so we made our own.

I first drew two overlapping circles on a piece of paper and put a dot of yellow on the far end of one circle and a dot of red paint on the far end of the other circle. I had the boys spread their color around the circle and then meet and mix together in the overlapping section of the circles to make orange. It was a great hands on way for them to see the colors mix and to work together to do it.

I also put 2 dots of paint, one red and one yellow in a plastic bag and had them squish the bag and mash it until they mixed the colors together to make orange.

We did a lesson on our 5 senses using the book

We put different things in a bag, had the kids close their eyes and try to identify the objects but just using their sense of touch. We did the same thing for sense of taste and had them taste different foods and then tell me if it was salty, sour, sweet etc.

Charlie tasting his lime and feeling in the bag for items.

The boys also spent last Saturday at our local hospital taking a Sibling class since they will both be big brothers here shortly. We spent about 2 hours, touring the hospital, learning how to care for a baby, diaper and hold a baby, we watched a few videos, picked out a project to make at home, had a snack and looked at pictures of new babies. Our boys had the whole room laughing when they looked at a picture of an African American baby boy and asked why his penis was black....and then looked at a naked picture of a baby girl and asked where her penis was. The teacher (who was nice enough but clearly NOT a teacher for small children) quickly flipped through the remaining naked pictures of the babies and moved right along. Ha ha!

Charlie also did several lessons on Study Island that is a review computer site for our K12 curriculum. It has games, worksheets and then quizzes the kids on what they have learned. He really enjoys working on the computer.

The boys worked together to build lego trains and trucks. Charlie also helped Tommy learn how to put a new puzzle together. I encourage them to do an activity a day together to "help" one another and do team work.

I am also having the boys help out in daily chores. Charlie was asked to clean the base boards on the first floor. He ended up doing ALL of the base boards in the house!!!!

Another great week under our belts!

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